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Last Days of Justin Bieber

Justin the baby delinquent – what has happened to him? Sex video, serious trouble though heavy bodygard presence, drugs, tit sucking pictures, prison. The first Last Days testimonial that we don’t feel sorry for. Perhaps a bit. Give us a shoutout #Belieber Lineup: Engtanzkavalier, Alex Sportelli, Linnea Palmestål Dresscode: Young Gangsta


Last Days of Tom

By popular demand the Last Days party returns, this time in honour of no less than 80s sex symbol Tom Cruise.From oscar nominee for Born on the Fourth of July, bar shaker in Cocktail, jet pilot in Top Gun, to Rain Man and vampire in Interview with the Vampire. Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband and now weirdo […]


Last Days of the Hoff

David Hasselhoff rose to fame with Knight Rider and his friendly car kit. The eclipse was Baywatch, the 90s most popular tv show, from hot to pathetic, but we all watched it. He is now an alcoholic, perfect for Last Days as we celebrate fallen celebrities, and he is doing the Hitler (?!) on stage… […]