Last Days of Puff Daddy



Who celebrates harder and spends more money on champagne and parties than the one and only pimp, Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy?!

Hannibal (Creathief) is back in Berlin, ready to rule the floor all night long with his buddy J-Bounce playing everything from Hip-Hop/R’n’B to House to Funk to Electronics.

The second floor will be opened by Suz before Schlechtboy is going to rip your trashy heart apart, then as usual leading into some serious electro. And of course Hip Hop, Rap, RnB is going to be played (including P. Diddy and Notorious B.I.G hits).

Lineup: Creathief, J-Bounce,  Schlechtboy
Dresscode: Koks, Nutten & Champagner