Last Days of Tom

By popular demand the Last Days party returns, this time in honour of no less than 80s sex symbol TOM CRUISE.

From oscar nominee for (Born on the Fourth of July), bar shaker in COCKTAIL, jet pilot in Top GUN, to Rain Man and vampire in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE. NICOLE KIDMAN’s ex-husband and now weirdo scientologist, get over it, the good days are gone, these are the LAST DAYS OF TOM CRUISE we’re celebrating.

Lineup: Engtanzkavalier / Johannes D. Täufer / Leo Lüpertz / Quid Haden / Alex Sportelli / Suz
Dresscode: Top Gun


Last Days of Paris Hilton

Blonde IT-Girl de luxe to trash became famous through a sex video and wearing no undies a real party animal and now Djane. Celebrate the rise and fall of Paris with us! Bye Paris

Lineup: Engtanzkavalier / Schlechtboy / Dariuz Voltra / Easton West / Suz
Dresscode: Rich Kid

Last Days of the Hoff

David Hasselhoff rose to fame with Knight Rider and his friendly car kit. The eclipse was Baywatch, the 90s most popular tv show, from hot to pathetic, but we all watched it. He is now an alcoholic, perfect for Last Days as we celebrate fallen celebrities, and he is doing the Hitler (?!) on stage…

Lineup: Easton West / Engtanzkavalier / It Boys / Suz
Dresscode: Californian Summer / West Coast

Last Days of Kylie

After we last month celebrated the queen of Pop, we now honour the princess. From cutie to hotty to Boti. Once the neighbour girlie and woman with the most sexy asset, now goddess.

Lineup: Remmidemmi DJ Team / Engtanzkavalier / Tigeress / Suz
Dresscode: From Lucky to cant get you out of my Heart

Last Days of Madonna

Call her granny, call her legend, call her goddes, call her Gaga’s mother, the mother of all Nicki Minajis, Gagas and Perry’s. Often copied, never reached, not ageing (?). We had fears to chose Madonna, but even Lindsay survived why should Madge not remain a trendy girl until the age of 80?

Lineup: Dariuz Voltra / Aaron Castle / Suz / Philipp Polarfox
Dresscode: Madonna Manic

Last Days of George Michael

2 years and no end for all our trashy celebs: Linday Lohan, Haute Couture, Gia, Courtney Love, Mischa Barton, Axl Rose, Ozzy, Take That, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Charlie Sheen, Puff Daddy and more to follow…
All your favourite electronic 90s 80s hiphop pop rock indie songs!

Lineup: Engtanzkavalier / Florian Andres / Schlechboy / Suz
Dresscode: 80s Popper or Rocker

Last Days of Puff Daddy

Who celebrates harder and spends more money on champagne and parties than the one and only pimp, Puff Daddy aka P.Diddy?!

Hannibal (Creathief) is back in Berlin, ready to rule the floor all night long with his buddy J-Bounce playing everything from Hip-Hop/R’n'B to House to Funk to Electronics…

The second floor will be opened by Suz before Schlechtboy is going to rip your trashy heart apart, then as usual leading into some serious electro. And of course Hip Hop/Rap/RnB is going to be played (including P. Diddy and Notorious B.I.G hits).

Lineup: Creathief / J-Bounce / Schlechtboy
Dresscode: Koks, Nutten & Champagner

Last Days of Christina

LAST DAYS is back!!!

With the summer edition and Christina Aguilera, worst dressed celebrity ever.

THE COMEDIAN live! The Comedian- SophiaBrown and Mario Saravanja make urban pop music that will break your heart. Think Cindy Lauper on a bad drug aftermath, having a threesome with Julee Cruise and Ulla Meinecke. It’s all about dancing!

Lineup: Salto Mortale / Tigeress / Julia & Doreen / Suz
Dresscode: Dirrty

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About Last Days
It started as a one-night-tribute-party to self destructive Lindsay Lohan, but after that first Last Days, it was clear, that there had to be others. It then became a monthly night, taking place at different, rather unusual locations, celebrating fallen celebs and childhood heroes who have lost track in a world of glamour and fame. But what it is all about at Last Days, is the music. The melodies we are listening and dancing to on a Friday or Saturday night, wonderful ones, we cannot get out of our heads on a Monday at work. Melodies which let us remember the good time we have had. Last Days is joy and tear at the same time: we shed tears about those times that are gone forever, but we do it in the joy of music and dancing. Farewell young Lindsay, Michael, Aaliyah, Axl and all the others.